Through a series of project based learning workshops, we use Toon Boom's Harmony 2D software (the industry standard) to teach the basics of succeeding within the animation industry.  We are bridging the gap between art and technology, getting students ready to apply for school, and getting students ready to enter an exciting career even if post secondary is not an immediate goal or possibility.  


We offer a very cool look at directing by creating an environment where students meet with an actively working, award winning director.  Direct contact and a chance to pitch their own ideas unlock the secrets to this very lucrative career choice in animation


A fun and familiar character is created by The Animation Lounge for the students to rig.  They work with a rigging expert to learn the essentials of this essential yet under staffed part of animation production.  We use ToonBoom's Harmony, industry standard software 


A very entertaining curriculum and a fun one day workshop focused on creating and putting a small film together.  We use Toon Boom's Harmony to introduce the concepts of independent film making and continuity in film.  Nodes and Particles are part of this workshop which can be translated to 3D and VFX node based software packages


This workshop is taught by a professional and covers the most important parts of the storyboard process.  Each person brings their own script and learns to transform written words into story art


With our own curriculum, we look at what it takes to manage a team, build a pipeline, and balance a budget of up to $20,000,000.00


A senior animator teaches this class. Combined with a familiar theme and character this is one of the most fun workshops. We are working to help anyone who wants to animate. Beginners, those already working, or those who just cannot afford to learn inside of a formal institution 


This workshop offers an overview of Harmony, the industry standard 2D animation software used globally. We focus on interface and database management for those who are interested in the more technical side of animation 


With a fun project, we introduce students to 2D software and the drawing tools that are essential to succeed in this very lucrative position of Designer or Art Director 

The Animation Lounge is proud to be supporting these college's through workshops

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